You know it, and we’re here to remind you. You feel better when you get outdoors. And everyday! It doesn’t matter if it’s taking a walk, heading to the beach or just appreciating the sunset- outdoors is good. The outdoors is where you move, maybe challenge yourself, get inspiration, heal and laugh.

You deserve to return from your adventures in better shape than you started, and that includes your skin. 

Don’t just slap on whatever product is convenient just because it says it will do the job. There’s a LOT of products that use a heap of dodgy ingredients, and they won’t leave you in better shape than you started. 

Choose your products with some care.  Find products that are devoted to you, and guide you to live a better, more vital life.

Goodbye is just the place for you. 

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Sunscreen Testing and Consumer Confidence

The sunscreen conversation is hotting up and it’s a conversation we need to have.  Consumer has raised the issue that some sunscreens are not giving the SPF protection claimed on the label and are calling for the Australia New Zealand sunscreen standard to be mandatory.  We agree that mandatory standards and re-testing are critical for sunscreens.  Broad spectrum performance and choice of ingredients are also really important considerations.

We are proud of our Goodbye OUCH Sun Balm and the rigorous testing regime behind it which is carried out by a leader in the sunscreen testing space.  We’ve lived sunscreen for the last 6 years and can help you understand the ins and outs of choosing an effective, protective sunscreen. 

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