Goodbye makes natural products that care for skin. Each Goodbye is a proudly and uniquely New Zealand product, crafted from our own devotion to living more naturally each day and spending a lot of time outdoors. For Sun Balm, the development process actually took us six years and over 60 formulations. That’s commitment.

All Goodbye PRODUCTS are NATRUE certified by BioGro NZ. This stringent international certification for natural cosmetic products gives you confidence that you are buying a truly natural product, and that the product is not animal tested.

Goodbye is part of the 1% for the Planet alliance. Through them, and since 2014 we have partnered with New Zealand’s

We are all connected by nature. Goodbye reflects this by creating extraordinary natural products that make life better.

With respect, Becky and John

Sunscreen Testing and Consumer Confidence

The sunscreen conversation is hotting up and it’s a conversation we need to have.  Consumer has raised the issue that some sunscreens are not giving the SPF protection claimed on the label and are calling for the Australia New Zealand sunscreen standard to be mandatory.  We agree that mandatory standards and re-testing are critical for sunscreens.  Broad spectrum performance and choice of ingredients are also really important considerations.

We are proud of our Goodbye OUCH Sun Balm and the rigorous testing regime behind it which is carried out by a leader in the sunscreen testing space.  We’ve lived sunscreen for the last 6 years and can help you understand the ins and outs of choosing an effective, protective sunscreen. 

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