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In 2011 I started writing Why Natural Matters as a response to the ridiculous number of people who think that using chemical repellents and body care products is a good idea. I wanted to tell them why they might care.

But what ended up getting written was entirely more than that. It is a reflection of my belief in outdoor connection, wellness and clean food.

Through stories and specific images, you will understand how to make changes without a shred of “should”. In fact, you can make changes that delight you.

I hope you will take an hour to read this book as I can guarantee that no matter where you are in your path to wellness, there will be something of value for you in this book.

You will find something that adds another quality of lightness to your life. I promise.

Why Natural Matters

Here’s the download of Why Natural Matters.


p.s. If you having trouble with your download (i.e. you are getting a blank page when you click on the link, try a Right Click, and Save Link As) The file size is 1.5MB (and 47 pages) so will be easily and quickly downloaded on broad band. It will be slow as molasses in winter, but do-able on dial up too, I think!

Fringe of Normal is Cutting Edge

If you are looking for a crew that is having a good time playing on the fringe of normal, called natural living, you are invited to stick around. Someday, we’ll be seen as the cutting edge for our culture.

I’ll send you a couple of e-mails with more resources over the next few weeks. I’m firmly in the “quality” side of communication, life is an avalanche enough as it is, without a heap of extra e-mails.

If you have any troubles…please contact me at touch(at)goodbyesandfly(dot)co(dot)nz

With respect, and blue sky wishes to you,

Becky Cashman

Founder and Director of Goodbye PRODUCTS

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