Goodbye Testimonials Only Natural repellant that's worked for us!

Only Natural repellant that’s worked for us!

I have literally spent hundreds on natural repellants that haven’t worked, particularly for my 4 year old who gets absolutely eaten alive and also swells up ridiculously each time she gets even a single bite. Had pretty much given up and reverted to the hideous chemical repellants BUT came across this at the little Ohope Four Square of all places and thought I’d try it.

And it worked! Feels like a miracle as my poor girl was in tears nearly every night from her itchy bites and now we just apply this all over once before bed and she is finally free from bites. We’ve actually forgotten a couple times and sure enough, she gets bitten when we forget.

It smells awesome too! Some people might not like the oiliness of it but not an issue for us.

So grateful to have found this product, and love that its made in NZ!


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