Sunscreen SPF for Lips and Eyelids

High Performance Sun Balm for Your Whole Face

When we say your whole face we mean it!

What’s your routine? Forehead, cheeks, nose, chin, and neck? That used to be ours too . . . until we noticed we were missing important things like our lips, eyelids, and ears. You know, important stuff.
Most of us don’t think of our lips when we put on sunscreen. Which is funny since they are right there in the middle of our faces. Some prefer to put low SPF slimy lipgloss full of petrochemicals on. Most opt not to put on anything thinking they’ll somehow be ok.
SPF lip balm doesn’t have to be that hard. You can run a light swish of Sun Balm SPF 50 across your lips daily to keep skin soft and supple. Put it on thicker for incredible longer lasting coverage.
Another often neglected area is the eyelids. Sun damage to eyelids can cause loose skin, sun spots, and even worse. We don’t want that for you, and we know you don’t want that for you.
So we formulated our Sun Balm so that it doesn’t sting your eyes. Not even when you are running late or actually running. So slide some over those lids and know you are doing the absolute best for your delicate skin.
Don’t forget your ears. That top bit near your head takes a real hit every day. Long hair gets pulled back, you forget your hat, you think I’ll only be out for a short bit, or it’s not even very hot . . . but it all adds up. So keep your ears covered with zinc sun protection. 
Sun Balm is the fastest and easiest way to keep all your face protected this summer . . . and into winter. The sun is, thankfully, always around and your sunscreen should be too.