Questions & Answers

Most of this information is listed within the website, but if you’re looking for a summary page of everything you might or might not want to know about Goodbye Sandfly, this is a great place to start.

Does Goodbye Sandfly Work?

Yes, it does.  Goodbye Sandfly has been a product since 1999.  It has been offered to thousands of guests on a variety of commercial trips.  We have heard hundreds of testimonials from very satisfied customers.

What’s so great about Goodbye Sandfly?

Goodbye Sandfly attracts customers and keeps them.  There’s no citronella, geranium, or rosemary, and no alcohol or preservatives.  People like the smell and feel of the product. Goodbye Sandfly is a repellent and bite soother.  As two products in one, it is very unique in the market.

What’s in it?  Is it all- natural?

It’s made of a base of Sweet Almond Oil with a combination of 6 essential oils, that’s it, nothing else.  The essential oils are lavender, eucalyptus, pine, manuka, tea tree & lemongrass.  It is a genuine natural product.  Simple, yet very powerful.

Isn’t it going to feel greasy?

Companies who offer water based products use the word “greasy” to scare you away from oil.  Almond oil is a prized skin oil, known for its soothing and softening properties.  It is absorbed by the skin well, allowing the skin to benefit from the nutrients in the oil.  You do not need a lot of product to do the job.

I (or my friend/family) tried it and it doesn’t work.

That’s a bummer to feel like a product does not do what it is supposed to do, especially with a bug repellent. Goodbye Sandfly does not work exactly like a chemical repellent.  For one, it takes about 60 seconds for the heat of your body to begin evaporating the essential oils from your skin.  60 seconds is a long time if you’re being eaten.  Also, especially at the beginning, it sometimes needs to be reapplied to build up enough smell to deter bugs.  Goodbye Sandfly is not a miracle product, it does a good job in a healthy way.

It says Goodbye Sandfly, does it work on mosquitoes?

Yes, it works on mosquitoes.  The difference with mosquitoes is that they do not quit hassling you at night.  And, since Goodbye Sandfly is a natural product that needs to be reapplied, it is not the best way to protect you at night.  We recommend screens for windows or nets over beds to allow a peaceful, safe sleep.

What’s the Little Bottle For? Aren’t They a Bit Small?

Little bottles make it easy for people to have their repellent handy in their pockets or purse The product is quite concentrated, and a little goes a long way.

Why is it more expensive than some chemical brands?

Goodbye Sandfly is a quality product that costs real money to make.  It is essentially 100% useful to your body with no fillers to make the product look bigger.

Can I refill my bottles?

Yes, it is a very economical way to use Goodbye Sandfly.  We are just beginning to build a refill network.  Locations that offer refill have the designation next to their name in the Where to Buy index.

Can I use this product on my baby?

While we cannot tell you when it is absolutely safe to use this product on your baby, we can tell you that Goodbye Sandfly has been formulated to be gentle, and we have been told of many babies responding well to the product.  We recommend testing with a small application of product on the inside of your baby’s arm.  Watch over a half an hour for any visible redness or irritation.  If you notice anything, wash with warm soapy water and wait for a few months to try again.  The best protection you can give a baby is to keep as much of that beautiful skin covered as possible.

I have sensitive skin, can I use this product?

We have no idea whether you can or not.  Goodbye Sandfly is an all natural product, formulated to be gentle, but essential oils are powerful.  In truth anyone can be sensitive to any oil.  In practice we have heard of it very rarely (twice in 11 years).  We recommend trialling a small amount of product on the inside of your elbow and watch for any reactions over a half hour period.

Can I use Goodbye Sandfly with a sunscreen?

Yes, we recommend using the sunscreen first, then applying Goodbye Sandfly.  The almond oil does not make your skin more prone to burning and adds its own natural SPF of 2.

Did we answer your question?

If you have a question or comment please contact us.  We’re happy to hear from you.