Goodbye SANDFLY Repellent + Soother

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NZ’s #1 selling natural repellent since 2009* Why? Because it works and people like it.

Made with essential oils of Eucalyptus, Lavender, Pine, Manuka, Tea Tree and Lemongrass in a base of expeller pressed Sweet Almond Oil.  So simple, yet effective. And it smells great.  The unique combination of oils makes an amazing oil with both bug repelling and skin soothing properties.

Choose the best size for you. Even the small sizes go a long way!

*annual Aztec-IRI grocery data 2009-2018

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15 reviews for Goodbye SANDFLY Repellent + Soother

  1. Phil

    It works! It’s better than DEET because it’s organic. AND it’s as good as DEET so why use DEET?
    Of course, when discussing the voracious Nelson Lakes sandflies, one has to include a definition of ‘works’.
    I’ve just done a couple of days’ tramping around Rotoroa where the sandflies are so thick they sound like light rain falling on your tent.
    Being calm, sunny and HOT, 50 ml of Goodbye Sandfly was used over a few days.
    The beauty of this stuff is that even though Rotoroa sandflies won’t be completely repelled by anything, the several bites I did receive were immediately dealt to in the sense that they were never itchy, my skin didn’t react other than to show wee red dots where the more suicidal bities had made a landing.
    Regular re-applications were necessary but proceed with confidence! It works!

  2. Maria

    After working on the beach for years, this is the only product I found that keeps away the midges and sandflies. Just awesome, thanks so much!

  3. Eso

    I bought Goodbye Sandfly when I visited NZ from the U.S., when we went down to the water the bugs were eating everyone else alive, you could actually see the blood spots on people! The bugs didn’t touch my husband and I, it was incredible! I’m so happy I found a place I can purchase this online, not only does it work but it smells fresh and natural. I even wear it to bed on occasion when I know we have mosquitos in the house. I love this product, its hands down the best repellent I’ve ever used. I’ll happily be a (bite free) customer for life 🙂

  4. Leo

    This was my first acquaintance with your product, dealing with the sandflies, and with deterring other insects. It was my favorite, then, perhaps ten years ago, and remains the same preference today. Also helps immediately with allergic condition itchiness of skin.

  5. Sharon Usher

    Goodbye Sandfly…..what an awesome product!! We’ve used this for years and passed on to many who have been wonderfully surprised by the effectiveness. We’ve used it as a really effective repellant, and soother if bitten, for sandfly and mozzie bites, as well as a soother for congestion (really awesome oils to alleviate stuffy noses too!!), as well as seasonally dry, itchy skin….fantastic ingredients with many uses!! The smell is so fresh and can be used on children and adults alike. A great product, that’s natural (kids can apply it themselves without you worrying about harsh ingredients), good for your skin and the well being of you and the environment. Well done Becky!!

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