Goodbye OUCH Manuka Balm with Organic Beeswax

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Small enough to go anywhere. Big enough to last. Gentle enough to use on children, powerful enough to clean and calm upset skin.

For everything from bites, scratches and stings, to dry skin and chapped lips. Once you start using this product, you’ll wonder what you did before you had OUCH around.

When we say “natural” we mean it.

All ingredients are minimally processed plant based ingredients. That’s what makes Goodbye Ouch 100% active. Every ingredient has a powerful job to do taking care of your skin.

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11 reviews for Goodbye OUCH Manuka Balm with Organic Beeswax

  1. Frances McLaren

    I discovered Goodbye Ouch Manuka cream by chance and now always have a tube handy. It’s amazing for healing scratches and flaky skin, bites etc. I have given away my first lot to my daughter and now need to order more.

  2. Emma H

    I won a voucher to spend with Goodbye so ordered the Manuka Balm and Oil. The balm has already proven to be a staple in our summer medicine box and is a go-to for every skin ailment. The customer service is absolutely fabulous and I was pleased to spot the products on the shelves at my local Countdown supermarket, so keeping stocked up won’t be a problem. 10/10 Guys!!

    • Mrs. Goodbye

      Thanks, Emma. One of my kids asked the other day, “what did we do before we had OUCH?” It’s funny how it becomes a part of life. Bex

  3. Ainslie

    Works almost immediately to relieve intense dermatitis great cream

  4. Rosanna

    Best eczema cream ever!! I took meds and my eczema still did not clear… I put the goodby ouch cream just 24 hours and it cleared for the first time in years!!!
    Thank you… no more painful and itchy nights!!

  5. Sandi

    Love it!
    Good for chapped lips, sore nose from tissue burn, biters, scratches and all other minor skin issues!

  6. Rack Jabbit

    Love this product!!!!.My extended family now swears by it. My teenage daughter believes it’s the cure for acne and we all use it for small cuts, scratches, burns and splinters.

  7. Tracy P

    On a recent trip back to South Africa, I wanted to take something that was Awesomely New Zealand for all my friends and family back home. As Goodbye Ouch was a favourite product of mine and made in NZ, I purchased a bulk pack and popped a little tin into all their Christmas Cards. It was a real hit and they think of us every time they use it. My kids have been using it for many years and you’ll find a tin in their backpacks wherever they go. 🙂

  8. J ill Nicholls

    If you are outdoors at my place early evening on a mild night your lower legs and feet will become incredibly itchy with many tiny bites; following your reaching down to scratch, you will have the same problem on hands and wrists! We have never seen the biters but all agree that Goodbye OUCH is as good as it gets to relieve the intense itching which would otherwise last an hour or so and return if you have a warm shower or bath. Wouldn’t be without it.

  9. Angus

    Love this stuff! I use it as a lip balm and for any skin dryness. I had an irritation rash from an eye creme and this cleared it super fast. So nice knowing I’m using something on my skin with no nasty ingredients.

  10. Carolyn Cashman

    Ouch has brought me through slicing a fingernail,and lots of other scrapes and scratches. Just lately, a tick latched on in a hidden place; I was treating it for 2 days without being able to see it. Using a mirror, I recognized it as a tick but it dropped off dead and the wound is almost healed. Can’t swear it was OUCH, but I think it was. Great stuff

  11. Emma

    Goodbye Ouch is our family’s number 1 go to cream for bumps, scratches, bites etc. We love it. Thank you.

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Apricot Oil (prunus ameniaca)
Beeswax* (cera alba)
Avocodo Oil (persia gratissima)
Jojoba Oil (simmondsia chinensis)
Raspberry Seed Oil (rubus ideaus)
Tea Tree (melaleuca alternifolia)
Eucalyptus (eucalyptus radiata)
Manuka (leptospermum scoparium)
Frankincense (boswellia serrata)
Geranium (graveolens)
* certified organic