Goodbye OUCH 50g tin (the big one)-OUT OF STOCK


This larger 50g tin is useful for all of the little skin irritations, and also bit enough to handle quite a few massages. We use it to refill our little tins.

Gentle enough to use on children, powerful enough to clean and calm upset skin.

For everything from bites, scratches and stings, to dry skin and chapped lips. Once you start using this product, you’ll wonder what you did before you had OUCH around.

When we say “natural” we mean it.

All ingredients are minimally processed plant based ingredients. That’s what makes Goodbye Ouch 100% active. Every ingredient has a powerful job to do taking care of your skin.

December 20, 2019- Our apologies, we’ve had a run on this product in the last couple of weeks, and are unable to offer it through the shop again until early February 2020.

Out of stock