Certified Natural Products that Care for Skin Outdoors


Outdoors is beautiful, healing, powerful and fun. Outdoors is good.

It’s an antidote to too much time spent sitting on devices, for big and little people.

It can be also very hard on your skin, from bugs to grazed knees to stings, scratches and sunburn.

Every product that we develop and offer starts with our own desire to have a product that is truly natural AND high performance AND is a joy to use. These criteria combined often have us labouring through formula after formula.

Every Goodbye product is certified natural by NATRUE, an internationally recognised standard. They not only certify for naturalness, but that there’s no GMO, no animal testing, and that the products are clean.

Goodbye SANDFLY Bug Repellent and Bite Soother

It’s idyllic summertime, and the bugs are biting. Wouldn’t it be nice to use something on your skin that is natural and smells great? Goodbye SANDFLY is our oldest product, getting introduced to Funyaks guests on the Dart River in 1999. It’s been NZ’s #1 selling natural repellent since 2009 (IRI-Aztec data).

We’ve met parents who tell us that their parents used the product on them when they were kids.

Its soothing and antibacterial actions also help the skin deal with bites, calming the skin.

What makes Goodbye SANDFLY so successful is a perfect combination of a reliable natural repellent that is also nice smelling and feels great on the skin. Kids seem to like the smell as much as adults.


Goodbye OUCH Manuka Balm

Skin is our largest body organ, and it has a very big job to do to keep us well. We return the favour with Goodbye OUCH Manuka Balm which soothes a raft load of skin irritations, stings, rashes and just plain dryness. It’s so useful that once you have it in your life, you’ll wonder what you did before OUCH was in it.

The secret to Manuka Balm is the combination of targeted skin action oils, both soothing and antibacterial, with the power of essential oils. It’s mild enough to use on your lips or as a makeup remover, but it’s capable of handling some of the roughest skin.



Goodbye OUCH Sun Balm

Wouldn’t it be amazing to look forward to putting on your sunscreen? Instead of a milky substance that runs into your eyes, one that gives luxurious coverage, wonderful smell and stays put.

Sun Balm meets the ASNZ 2604:2012 sunscreen standard. In fact, it was tested through twice- the same formula passed SPF 50 and 2 hours water resistance, and SPF 40 and 4 hours water resistance.

The anhydrous (no water) balm is a soothing, antioxidant-rich formula that smells gently of Peppermint, Cocoa Butter and Coconut oils. The rich organic oils and butters give Sun Balm variations in texture and help it melt smoothly and evenly on your skin.

Sun Gratitude Skin Respect means let your skin greet the sun for a short time in the morning or evening hours, then cover up with clothing, a hat and Sun Balm in the high sun hours. Skin respect also means using a product that is high performance, natural and a treat to use.

Choosing a sunscreen requires some understanding. You are asking and trusting a product to help you look after your skin, or your children’s skin, and there are a lot of different choices on the market. We’ve put together WAAAYYYYY more information on Sun Balm and sunscreen. Click the Sunscreen Button below.

Certified Natural Products that Care for Skin Indoors

For us, indoors is where we recover from being outdoors. Goodbye OUCH and Goodbye SANDFLY may still have work to do once you are home.

Goodbye OUCH is a soother for over-washed hands, cracked heals, chapped lips, and sore muscles. It goes great by your bedside table.

Believe it or not, Goodbye SANDFLY is super handy to have indoors as well. Sometimes because you’ve let the outdoors come indoors in the form of bugs, and sometimes because you have bites that need tending.

If you put Goodbye SANDFLY or Goodbye OUCH on bites or stings that you’ve received that day, they will help clean and soothe your skin, which supports your body to heal, and helps keep the itching down!

Goodbye NITS

Dealing with headlice is one of those topics that can bring on stories, and a lot of them are not great. Something about headlice makes normally natural leaning parents turn to chemical treatments. That’s just not necessary.

We’ve got tons of free resources, games, poems, and support, as well as a very good natural headlice treatment.

To get access to resources for Parents or Schools, go to