Goodbye Good Blog Celebration: It's better outdoors! Top Tips for Avoiding Sandfly Bites

Top Tips for Avoiding Sandfly Bites

Your best defense is a good offense

#howNOTtodress is one of our best resources.

Timing is everything. Sandflies love dusk just as much as you do. But instead of unwinding from a long day of work, and hopefully some play, they are gearing up for a meal. So apply Goodbye Sandfly, or reapply if it has been more than a few hours.

Don’t stop, keep on moving on.  Sandflies prefer nonmoving targets. If you are out talking to people at a BBQ, sitting with a drink by the beach, or just taking a break on a hike be sure to cover up with clothes and a spritz of Sandfly. I make sure that I am always prepared with both at my outside table when I meet up with friends for a coffee and catch up.

Wishing you good health in our beautiful, sometimes buggy world. With respect, Becky

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