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Top TEN Tips for Dealing with Sandflies


Top TEN Tips for Dealing with Sandflies

With the fun of summer comes the buzz and bites of bugs.
After several years of living and raising small yummy morsels called kids on the West Coast of the South Island,

Here’s my top tips for dealing with Sandflies

1. Protect your ankles with socks or bug repellant. Sandflies tend to start their attack at the ground level and work upward.

2. Wear light coloured clothes. Sandflies are attracted to dark clothes. If you have on light trousers and stand next to someone with dark trousers, the sandflies swarm the darker legged person.

3. Walk. Sandflies are very slow creatures. As long as you are moving they can’t swarm. I’ve spent many a lunch on the coast, slowly walking in circles!

4. Keep your car, caravan, and boat closed up or screened. Sandflies are notorious for their ability to find openings to enter and fly in wait. If you have no screens, keep downwind windows and doors closed. They prefer quiet air to wind.

5. Boats can anchor offshore a short distance to minimize the bug effect. A portable net can be draped over doors and hatches for a much more peaceful night.

6. Use a bug repellent that feels good to use. Re-apply regularly.

7. Avoid using ‘sweet’ smelling body care products. Eat less sugar.  Sandflies love sweet people.

8. Sandflies will go into a feeding frenzy just before it begins to rain. Nothing you can do, except wait for the rain, and then they go away.

9. Sandflies, unlike their friends, mosquitoes, go to bed when it gets dark. For mozzie prone night-times, use a net, there’s no better way to keep them from buzzing your ears.

10. Remember to keep looking around you at the magic place you are visiting. The sandflies protect some of the most amazing scenery in New Zealand. #outdoorsisgood

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