Slow down the River #2

Slow down the River #2 and New Products!

I wrote part two of Slowing down the River before I published Part 1. But as you’ll read, I had to add to it once the rubber met the road. Or the kayak met the river. However, you want to say it, ideals meet life.

Now, I can finally tell you what’s happening here. I’m birthing two sister brands to Goodbye Sandfly. They’ve both been years in the making, and it is my honour to let you know about them.

Goodbye Ouch is a stunningly rich balm for lips and 79 other uses. This balm was made for making life better from cuts, grazes, rashes, sore muscles, wind burn…. I can’t wait for you to try it.

Goodbye Nits is a drama-free treatment for headlice and nits. It’s taken me 5 years to make peace with the topic in order to be the spokesperson for headlice in NZ. And the stories! You have stories, the pharmacist has stories, everyone has stories on headlice. Believe it or not, we’re going to have fun with this one.

Both brands will be available in stores at the beginning of November. In the next issue (2 year celebration coming up!) , I’m going to let you know how to be part of the team that trials these products in September and October, then helps us get the word out to NZ in November.

In Check it Out, you guys get to take some credit for making something very cool happen. Barry sets up the 1st run of 30 Days Sugar Free, and you are invited.

Have a brilliant week, magnolia. Becky

Slowing Down the River Part 2


Nothing like writing an article on keeping it together in the midst of keeping it together. Writing to you accelerates me. Last week went pear-shaped. Flat batteries (yes, 3 of them), a sick kid (fine now), another bar code fail (getting ridiculous now), and a dead hen (killed by a hawk) and a hen funeral. And hard deadlines that did not fit in school hours…

It was after the week that I added number 5 to my spiritual practices. And number 7 to the kids ones. When you read them I hope you’ll laugh in recognition.

Here is my top 5 spiritual practices for Slowing down the River, aside from meditating.

1) All is well

I remind myself that I am in the care and flow of a Great Heart and that regardless of what my rushing woman has to say about the situation, actually, ALL is WELL. And it is.

2) Thank you

I love the gifts that come each day. These days of focus bring the sharpest moments of beauty and blessing. Acknowledge the miracles that unfold around you. Acknowledge the support that comes through in so many different levels and ways. You are so loved.

3) Listen

There are a thousand whispers that become quite loud if you but stop for a moment. Think you’ve got 7 steps to do, and too busy to stop and listen? Well, if you listen, 4 steps will get handled by the wisdom and clarity you gain. In this case, slow is fast.

4) Well done

Don’t wait for someone to tell you. Tell yourself. You are working with great awareness, trust and openness to your beautiful life. You make mistakes, and you keep learning, and you show up with your best version of you in every moment. Well done.

5) Expression

For those of you who have been around me for awhile, you’ll pretty much know this means VENT. Give your voice some room to run. Words, song or just pre-verbal sound. Sometimes you feel crap. IT’s ok to say it. Do a quick list of I feels…. Be careful not to dive into the story side of it. You don’t have to say why or because. Just, I feel tired. I feel stressed. I feel angry. You’ll be surprised as how much shifts once its been said.

Here is my top 7 kid things for Slowing down the River.

1) Read more to the kids

We get to bed earlier, quieter (mostly) and read together for ages. This gives me lots of cuddle time with them. And they love it.

2) Bake together

Somewhere on the weekend we bake. It’s a great treat for us on the weekend, and then I snaffle some of it for kid lunches during the week as well (which always makes me smile when I add it to their lunches).

3) Do a puzzle

This was my Mom’s way for herself and us as kids, and it’s a good one. We’ve had a 500 piece puzzle set up on our lounge table for weeks. Every couple of days we all get together and work on it for a few minutes. It slows everyone down.

4) Tell the good

I make an extra focus to tell my kids I adore them, to hear what they say, to thumbs up the good stuff. When they feel good and heard and loved, they act SO much better. And guess what? That’s so much easier on all of us.

5) Let them Contribute

We have Chef Night (the kids are the chef one night a week), Family After Dinner Tidy Up (a couple of nights a week), Breakfast for Dinner Night (they giggle).

6) Weekends

I don’t forward my e-mails to my phone, pick them up over the weekend or do anything other than look for a Surf’s Up You Tube song that the kids want to listen to. The kids know I am theirs, and I know I am coasting, letting my mind cool down.

7) Tell it Like it Is

Sometimes, a deadline pushes into kid time. Then I explain what’s happening and give a time frame. Sometimes it goes down fine, and sometimes they are right little monkeys about it. But, yep, sometimes its just that way.

I had another insight about the “river” and the speed and stress in which we choose to live. Sometimes slowing down the river really does feel like pushing the river. In those moments there’s nothing to do but wait for the river to slow down on its own. And it will.

John’s back home and I’m now more free to pick up the business focus. Can I still keep it slow? I will, to the best of my ability. And I invite you to join me.

Becky Cashman

On the surface of it, I’m a Mum. I’m also a product maker with Goodbye Sandfly, and currently birthing two sister brands Goodbye Nits (drama-free treatment for headlice and nits) and Goodbye Ouch (ridiculously useful balm for chapped lips and 79 more uses). Wife and gardener seem to come after those two. But really, I’m an activist. Not like politics, more like of our own great heart. Any gateway human issue (like sugar, headlice, bugs, chronic stress) are just pathways to talk about wellness. It’s all Love, but we don’t always feel that way. Nature is a miracle, but we often pass it by in our own troubled minds. We are becoming more connected everyday, but we feel isolated in our own problems and perceptions. I don’t try to BE of service. I follow what lights my heart and know beyond the known that it is of the greatest service. This gives me peace.

Check it Out!

I think you guys can claim some of the credit for the existence of this program. Barry wrote a two part series for our magazine in February. It was about his experience of quitting sugar. The process and response from our community got him thinking. And then creating.

Barry and Michelle, who runs the open 30 Days to Sugar Free group on Facebook, teamed up to create a program. They are very funny while being dead serious. The processed white stuff, called sugar, is just no good for you.

The program runs beginning the 1st of each month, for well, uh 30 days. They’ve created a compelling framework to help you do what you want to do…. make a change for the better. And, they have a “Pay what you can” system which means you choose the amount that’s right for you.

I signed up, paying $21.88 which made Barry laugh (not hard to do), and I invite you to put in weird amounts so that he can laugh even more. Some people pay nothing. And if you are really down on the cash flow, but you want to do this. Do it! That’s why Barry and Michelle set it up this way.

Here’s some text in Barry’s voice on WHY you should do it.

“Let’s be clear right up front, there is almost no chance of you being talked into doing this. This isn’t like picking up trash on the side of the highway or going to traffic school for a ticket ‚those are easy because they are court ordered.

No‚ the motivation for this challenge has to come from within because that’s the only place where the power resides that you’ll need to keep it going. Honestly, when it’s late at night and you’re sitting there Jonesing and both a cookie and your mouth are dying to meet, it’s an inner desire that will carry you through.

Sure, external forces can help. If a doctor with a wall full of degrees proving she’s smarter than you told you to go cold-turkey off of all processed and refined sugars, it would be easier.

And I don’t believe that’s what we’re talking about here.

This is the post where we should be telling you all the good reasons to treat your body to 30-days sugar free. Maybe paint the picture of how healthy, thin, and calm you’ll feel when your body isn’t freaking out every time you pop in a dose of high fructose corn syrup, evaporated cane juice, dextrose, or any of the other 50+ shades of sugar.

We ask that if there is anyone among us that thinks they’d be worse off at the conclusion of the 30 Days Sugar Free challenge, to please slap yourself silly.

You should do this because you came across this page and for some reason you’re still on it. Might be a curiosity you have about your addiction to the white stuff. Might be you wondering if sugar is why you always feel tired and haven’t slept well in a very long time. Or maybe it’s that the ancient gut wisdom of yours, is telling you that you’ve got nothing to lose and this might be the answer to countless symptoms you’ve decided are just part of getting older.

We could be way off here, and correct us if we are, but just maybe you’ve been searching for something this sensible, this simple, and this powerful your whole life.

Why should you do it?

Why shouldn’t you?”

From You

Hi Becky. Wanted to say how much I enjoyed slow down the river. Really made me think and breathe. I have shared with other harried women. The cherry on the top though, was the moonrise video. Left me speechless and that is saying something! Had some girlfriends over for dinner last weekend and we all watched and then went outside to await our moon. Not as spectacular as yours but very serene and lovely in its own way.” C from Alabama


“In the spiritual life nowhere do our ideals meet the actual more truly than in how we relate to each other, in how we make, sustain and are friends.” James Ishmael Ford

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