Goodbye Good Blog Celebration: Outdoors is Good Our Natural Sun Balm Has Arrived!

Our Natural Sun Balm Has Arrived!

Ok, you truly delighted me. We’ve been working on our certified natural sunscreen called Sun Balm for far too long in my book, you can imagine after six years of formulating this product is coded in my heart.

We were so excited when a few hundred of you took advantage of our initial offering in December and your enthusiasm was off the charts. We also had nearly 700 entries for our 20 x Sun Balm tubes. Honestly, just by that you’ve helped us celebrate the arrival of Sun Balm.

We don’t want everyone to feel like they missed out. By the attention our FaceBook post has gotten we’d say there is so much interest in understanding what we are putting on ourselves and the impact that has on us and the environment.

To take part now we have a unique power coupon code – SUNgratitude- to get this product plus have a tin to give or tuck into a purse. Buy one Sun Balm 80g 33.90 plus ship, and get 1 Sun Balm 15g (value 16.80)

Sun Balm SPF

It took 66 formulations to make this just right, and we want you to have access to it.

Sun Balm is NATRUE certified, high performance and an absolute treat to use! It meets the ASNZ 2604: 2012 sunscreen standard which includes broad spectrum coverage. It is highly water resistant, and reef safe.

In other words, it’s outrageous! It smells of cocoa butter, goes on like silk, and is for lips AND skin.

There’s a lot to know about sun protection, and so much more to take into account than the feel and smell.

There’s also a LOT to know about sun protection that has nothing to do with sunscreen. Attitudes to the sun range from sun worship to sun fear. Our ethos is Sun Gratitude and Skin Respect. Your relationship with the sun and your own beautiful skin can be celebrated at the same time.

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