It’s Time to Do Good

Hi Summer Hopes,

People want good products, but when do they have time to do the research? We all love a good recommendation from a friend, it makes it so much easier.

Would you help spread the word about our products to the Kiwis around you?

We’re all getting ready to do the things our product is best at- sunscreen, first aid and bugs! All the stuff of summer.

There’s not many New Zealand natural brands that can say that they are as widely and conveniently available in all kinds of shops from outdoors to health, pharmacy, and supermarkets. You can even to pick up our products in your local weekly shop.

But we keep meeting people that have never heard of us. We thought we were more well known. Even, one person saying they did not know Goodbye was from New Zealand. Crikey.

We’ve been just too darn tricky. If people don’t already know about Goodbye OUCH, they aren’t likely to choose it as part of their weekly shop.

We’ve shown up for a long time to be able to make genuine, high quality natural products available at a good price by choosing retailers that focus on value.

Here’s how you can help:

Would you post a picture of one of your Goodbye OUCH products in the wild (backyard, BBQ, beach, lake, garden or park!), tag us @naturalgoodbye, let your family, friends, and connections know that they can buy this product in supermarkets and retailers New Zealand wide. 


Let them know Sun Balm is the purple one – it’s the ONLY natural sunscreen available in supermarkets! and Manuka Balm is the red and white one, 1st aid for lips and skin Certified Natural, Made in New Zealand, and devoted

Because of the relationships we’ve been allowed to be part of over the years, we hope that Goodbye OUCH gets introduced to lots of new Kiwi customers. Thank you for every bit of assistance you give over the next couple of months.

Every Wednesday from now through January, we’ll draw for a Do Good box to say thanks for your generosity.

Our Do Good box has lots in it, so it’s better said with a photo- so many ways to Do Good with gifts, seeds, a chance to try our new Vanilla Balm (two kinds because we can’t decide which we like best and need you to vote), and a tree planted by Protect our Winters for every box gifted or sold.

Vanilla Balm has been my winter’s labour of love, starting with whole Heilala Vanilla pods and infusing them in organic jojoba oil. No matter which one you like best- vegan or bee friendly, the vanilla is so beautiful it will bring you to simpler times.

As with all of our products, you can use it in more ways that one. Vanilla Balm is for lips AND skin!

All tags to @naturalgoodbye in Facebook, Instagram feed or stories and Twitter of our Goodbye OUCH products in the wild are automatically in the draw for the following Wednesday.

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