Hello 2020

Hi there, I’m just stopping in for a moment in the middle of our summertime fare of ocean and sun, with a sprinkle of work and world, to wish you a wonder-filled 2020. I hope you’ve had many laughs with friends and family, AND that you feel the way you want to feel.

There’s a lot going on in the world, there always is. Perhaps you are feeling an odd indigestion over the cocktail of holiday fun, holiday stress, holiday food, and the world as it experiences pain and change.  

If you need a reminder, time spent in a healthy outdoors is a spiritual practice. It is a kindness to yourself and the people around you to continue to find playfulness and wellness.

Our family had a week away together on our little sailboat in the Bay of Islands over Christmas and New Year. We reclaimed the rhythm of sun and ocean in our bodies, easing into the day with a walk or paddle board, sometimes even a swim. Then, reading books in the highest sun of the day, and popping out of the hatches like marmots for another late afternoon play. 

My friend Ramona wrote me just on return from her own family holiday, “my phone is superfluous” and I knew exactly what she was saying.  We put our phones DOWN.

And so, looking at the forecast, which has Northland continuing to enjoy evenings of gentle SW flow and days of northerly sea breeze, my daughter and I head back out on the boat for the weekend.

Before I head out there’s four things- and I know I’m only supposed to write one thing at a time, so, yea, breaking the rules. Just choose your favourite ones to action.

With respect, Sea Breeze, Becky

2 x Sun Balm 15g tins

with any purchase over $30. This offer finished on January 12, 2020. Please be sure to subscribe and watch for specials on the homepage. You don’t want to miss out.

Twenty Years Outdoors

We now have access to a copy of Theresa Sjoquist’s article about Goodbye products, our home and family in the recent Organic New Zealand.  It’s been a good thing taking a moment to consider this twenty year milestone.  We’ve done a lot.


When you post up an outdoor photo in Instagram in January, use the hashtag #outdoorseverydaynz and you are in the draw for a whole heap of Goodbye products. Spread the message to your own followers, wellness is outdoors everyday.

Big tins for sunscreen

Are you interested in test driving Sun Balm in a larger tin? I’ve had some extra Sun Balm made and would like to see what you think of using it in a larger tin instead of a tube. Like you, we are considering how to lighten our footprint.  We’ve closed the offer and will report back when we have the feedback in. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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