Goodbye Good Blog Celebration: It's better outdoors! Baby Goat-ified (my new word just for you)

Baby Goat-ified (my new word just for you)

Baby Goat-ified

Hello Slug-Eaten Cabbage Seedling,

I see you are putting out all kinds of growth, exciting change and exploring bigger ways of being in the world. I also see that the slugs have figured out that you are yummy. Your energy and goodwill are so delicious.
Don’t worry, you have far more vitality in you than to let a few slugs slow you down.
Surround yourself with a some things that make it harder to get to you- a boundary of sorts, but that still lets in all the sunlight, rain and love that are yours for celebrating.

You’re going to be a big cabbage one day.

How are you? Are you feeling the joy of spring?

I have been feeling the joy of spring, mixed in with the epic busyness of it. Sometimes I feel so heavy lying down that I’m not sure I’ll be able to move again. And then, re-filled, by sleep or yoga, or a sunset, I’m on another garden, house, kid, or biz mission.

Three weekends in a row have been devoted solely to getting the summer garden established. And as of yesterday, the main bed is fully planted. There have been a few sandfly feasting moments, but hours of wind have kept them mostly at bay.

Last weekend two baby goats were born, one quite small and weak, and we spent days feeding and helping it figure out how to suck from Mama Goat, Pepper. Pepper did not want a bar of this little guy, so we had our work cut out for us. I wasn’t sure he was going to make it the first couple of days, and now, one week on, and not a bottle in sight, he and his brother are playing chase and jumping around in the big paddock. And then they get tired, so dozy in the sun you think they’ll never move again.

Spring is nature at it’s most rampant. Weeds, fungus, slugs, rain, wind, blossoms, new leaves. Outragous unfolding energy.

No wonder we end up feeling a little slug-bitten or baby goat-ified. Life is busy, and we get tired.

So what do you do?

You rest. Slow it down where you can.

Be the baby goat in the sun, and just soak it up.  You’ve got nowhere to go. You can jump and hop once you’ve had some rest.

Be the cabbage seedling, and set out a few boundaries that keep you from being so nibbled. Yes, the slugs are hungry, aren’t they always? And yes, you could feed them, but only the amount that is right for you to STILL be able to express fully who you are.

Here’s to you, cabbage seedling. You are looking fantastic.

With respect, Bex


In the Biz

We’ve just released Goodbye Ouch Manuka Balm in a 25g tube. This product has been in the pipeline for 10 months, and I’m so glad to see it coming onto shelves.

We’ve got 20 tubes to giveaway, if you’d like to be in the Draw- which happens December 11th, click on Enter Draw


Check it Out

With this send out, the old It’s Not About the Bugs (iNAB) Natural Living Magazine has officially become Outdoors is Good.

We started iNAB in 2011, and have had an awesome time publishing. We’re ready to say we ARE about, instead of vaguely saying something not bug-like. We’ll continue to bring you original gem stuff, because there is seriously so much to share with you.

From You

Thank you to several of you who contacted me to say that you’ve missed my writing. I appreciate that you notice.
And to the people who sent me seeds last year as I was sending seeds out across the country, we are growing new things because of you, and that is so exciting.

Bex Cashman

Founder and CEO of goodbye PRODUCTS

BCBlueMy mind wants to define myself by my roles, which are many. My desire to participate in the conversation of humanity makes its way through the bricks and mortar of running a natural products biz, raising a family, participating in our community and growing food. My roles keep me grounded so that I don’t get too flighty with peace and love talk.


Outdoors is Good is a way to keep the conversation simple. When we spend more time outdoors, we feel better.

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