Goodbye Good Blog Celebration: It's better outdoors! Awesome Hair Awareness open for Schools Nominations, and WHOA! The Cookers!

Awesome Hair Awareness open for Schools Nominations, and WHOA! The Cookers!

Awesome Hair Awareness Open for Nomination

We have just opened Awesome Hair Awareness (AHA!) for Schools for 2017. Would you like to see your school involved? As a parent, teacher or admin, you can nominate them below.

AHA! is a fun one week headlice program for happy kids and parents. It includes class material and activities, teacher, parent and administrator resources, posters, product and access to on-going support.

We offered this program for the first time in 2016 with 11 schools and the feedback was, yes, awesome!

“Having a Crazy Hair Day was a great way to end the week” Canvastown School
“Fun and informative” “User friendly and helpful” Parklands School, Motueka
“The family that used the program and product had success” Tauranga Special School

Nominate Your School by clicking this link or the image below.

(We’re going to have to do this pretty quickly to be able to get schools started before school holidays. And this is the only time we’ll run this program in 2017.  Nominations close June 16, 2017)

Cookers Headed to Solomon Islands!

Chris Bone from OceansWatch receiving cooker

You challenged me to write and ask clearly. And then, as a group, you sent a sustained YES with donation after donation coming in over the following week. Because of the subscribers of Outdoors is Good, OceansWatch now has $1970 in funds to purchase cookers and cast iron pots. I am beyond the dunes happy to see this happen.

My son Isaac and I went over to Opua on Saturday morning to see Anam Cara finish loading, heading up to the Solomon Islands.

More photos here.

Bex Cashman

I first blended Goodbye SANDFLY in 1999 while guiding on the Dart River in Glenorchy. The product saw the births of our two children, bottled at night at the kitchen table. In 2009, John joined the business as we became a nationwide brand. I didn’t use the word entrepreneur until very recently, usually preceeded by the word grateful or accidental. Eighteen years is a long time to build into being a business owner, and the journey has had so many surprises, both laughing ones and tearful ones. One thing that has clarified over time is that as consumers, you and I have the power to impact the world.

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