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Decluttering diva or denial?

De-cluttering mind body and soul Have you had a time in your life when you looked around your home and wondered why you collected so many things? Why every single corner and space holder was filled with an item, jumbled and stacked on top of one another? Maybe you held onto items which were broken, or other people’s for pure sentimental reasons, at the thought that the long lost friend or deceased family member was going to remain in your life […]

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Imagine the Simplicity- A Beautiful Cabinet

Have you ever looked at your bathroom cabinet and wondered how you could down size the amount of product you need for your face and body? Or how to switch to simple on hand products that are 100% natural, travel well and are easy to use and have more than one way to use them? Here at Goodbye OUCH we have been going through a decluttering phase, finding how many products we can say goodbye to and replace with just one […]

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Balmy Adventures

My big adventure with Goodbye OUCH all started when John gave me a tube of it and told me to use it like I would any other topical balm. He also mentioned that compared to some other balms, this balm was 100% natural. I was surprised to discover that the balm I was using was actually petroleum based. I took this information in my stride, popped it in my bag and carried on. I first tried it on my lips, “Mmmm, […]

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