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Outdoors is Good is not sentimental, it's a statement of the beauty, healing, and power of nature. Nature is a critical ingredient to wholeness. I'm Bex Cashman, founder and product maker for Goodbye, as well as gardener, writer and sky watcher. Oh, and Mum, very important, that role. It is my honour to share a moment with you.

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Seeeeeds! I’m enamored of seeds. Each one a miracle waiting to unfold given the right environment. I’m looking for some good homes for a heap of extra lettuce, basil, rocket, borage and calendula seeds. Would you like […]

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Slow down the River #2

This Week I wrote part two of Slowing down the River before I published Part 1. But as you’ll read, I had to add to it once the rubber met the road. Or the kayak met the river. However, you want to say it, ideals meet life. Now, I can finally tell you what’s happening […]

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Slow down the River

This Week Once you read below you’ll understand why it’s been a bit quiet on my side. I know you know that life is more than being “busy”. But how does that look on a day to day basis? Today I share a concept that has been more than a year in the making. Along […]

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Hello from Goodbye

Hello Cabbage Tree, The only way to cover 4 months of signing off from writing is to begin. I did not intend to take such a long break, but I needed it. At Christmas-time I put my business down and became a full-time Mama and gardener. We had a huge year for food from the […]

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A Hug for You and Green Toothpaste

This Week Must keep it simple, as the 10 days before Christmas are complex enough. First, if you’re feeling hectic- I’ve got a hug for you and invite you to pass it along. Second, Goodbye Ouch and Goodbye Sandfly are on special for your family and last minute gifts. Third, in Check it Out, the […]

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Natural Remedy Kitchen

This Week Have I got a groovy wee gift for you, just in time for Christmas. Natural Remedy Kitchen is one of those things I did not have on my radar. It had me. From inspiration over a weekend to printed kitchen poster and mini-class in two weeks. You now have access to some of […]

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Food When No-one is Watching

This Week It’s Wednesday following a whirlwind school holidays. Consider it done any relaxing and connecting that is meant to happen in that time. How about you? John took the kids to Auckland in the first week, to Murray’s Bay Regatta. Murray’s Bay Sailing Club is home to Dean Barker, and has a sailing history […]

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I fell in Love with You

This Week Only the stars can plan these things. But here I am today, Valentine’s Day. I had no intention of even acknowledging the day to you, as in my mind it is an American hyped holiday that is a bad excuse for buying GMO laden sugar crap. (Oh my goodness, I sound like my […]

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Nature’s First Green is Gold- Enviroschools

This Week If I were being honest, and I aim to be, it’s been a crazy week. With no further details needed, except, on top of crazy week, Isaac our second child, started school. I was so concentrating on what was happening right in front of me, that when the moment came to wave goodbye […]

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Lettuce Pray

This Week This week is my favourite of spring growing, and regardless of the amount of land that you have, even in a cityscape, you can do lettuce. I was raised Catholic and heard “Let us pray” many times in my young days, but I thought they were saying “lettuce pray”, which I didn’t really […]

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One Year Celebration with YOU!

This Week We started this magazine on an idea and the goodwill of generous and accomplished contributors. With this issue, we acknowledge the successful end of our first year! This magazine was instrumental in the Natural Products New Zealand award that we won in March 2012, where we were recognized with the James and Wells […]

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