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Outdoors is Good is not sentimental, it's a statement of the beauty, healing, and power of nature. Nature is a critical ingredient to wholeness. I'm Bex Cashman, founder and product maker for Goodbye, as well as gardener, writer and sky watcher. Oh, and Mum, very important, that role. It is my honour to share a moment with you.

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Twenty Years Outdoors

December 12, 2019 is a special day, as twenty years ago John and I were married. We also call it the birth day of Goodbye SANDFLY, because we gave away bottles to all of our guests. December […]

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A Million Leaves

This spring I prioritised 3 things, then only got 1 done I went away on holiday in July, and since my return have slid, fallen, been driven from issue to issue in home, family and business. After the […]

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Balm 101: Adventure

What’s the most useful thing you could take with you on an adventure? Balm 101 Adventure is a series of tips and hacks that will let you stay a lot more comfortable on your adventure for longer, […]

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Lettuce Tips

Lettuce Tips   I want to share some lettuce growing revelations, because home-grown lettuce and greens is a worthy mission.   From years of attempting to provide a continuous supply of greens for my family, I have […]

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Slow Shop…

Slow Shop…   I know you don’t really need a “challenge” in your life at this exact moment. Perhaps it’s more of a consideration. And I wanted to catch you before the weekend and the epic hype […]

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Lips Love Hugs

Celebrating the arrival of our ridiculously useful tube of goodness! #lipslovehugs From our Press Release for December 2015 Many women use a lip balm without realising they are eating petrochemicals. Last year 91% of lip balm sold […]

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Lettuce Boy’s Head Lice Party

Lettuce Boy’s Headlice Party I’ve had a pet project brewing for the past 18 months, and today finally get to give some cool new resources to you. After taking the very bold (well, bold for me) step […]

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Hot Pepper promises

We sent out 22 little boxes of chilli peppers just before the holidays, and I left our plants looking very tidy. What a great way to gracefully deal with excess. It was very satisfying to do. Below […]

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Late Summer Garden

Late Summer Garden Hi Summer Garden, To the unpracticed eye the late summer garden can look a bit of a shambles. He might not understand the masses of food that the garden has already produced, the months […]

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6 Spiritual Lessons of Kikuyu

6 Spiritual Lessons of Kikuyu Hi Yellow Leaf, Our property has just had its “turning” weekend, as in turning from summer to autumn. We cleaned gutters, made many things with feijoa, ate the last of the fresh […]

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Watermelon Fantasies

Watermelon Fantasies At age 49, last week I shared in the first watermelon that was grown by the property I tend. At ages 7 and 10, my kids, happily chomping away on our 5kg Sugar Baby, think […]

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