A Million Leaves

This spring I prioritised 3 things, then only got 1 done

I went away on holiday in July, and since my return have slid, fallen, been driven from issue to issue in home, family and business. After the holiday I wanted to write to you about how much wellness came from a simple act of unplugging from the digital world while we did a river trip on the Salmon River- it was incredible!

In the interim I’d been down to Auckland 3 times, Whangarei at least 6 and as far as Nelson once for a funeral. I got to sit in the student seat again and finished a Boatmaster’s Course. Our daughter had been sailing 6 of the 7 weekends in Auckland. The odd one out she went to a sailing camp at Urupukapuka in the Bay of Islands. See a theme?

Sensing I wasn’t quite busy enough I did a stretch of “manic gardening” so that I could get my seedlings in the ground before the got pinched feet in their porch punnets. For all my effort I pinched a nerve leading to my shoulder. I would have to continue on my trips and work down a chicken wing. I managed to get back to a chiropractor I trusted, had treatment and pushed onwards.

I’m telling you this because I made a promise to be myself when I write

It’s all good to write treatises on managing the flow and breathing and loving self-care. Those really, really are the things I believe in and practice daily (throughout those hectic weeks, I still did my morning practices at times modified for one arm). But if I always just write when I’m all yoga mystical, then you get an impression that I’m always yoga mama, which isn’t far. It’s a social media lie.

I’m making peace with being fabulously, nearly manically out of hand creating and responding. Because I know I am massively supported in a thousand ways to be ok. And I know that’s just this phase.

Spring Time can be like this. A Million Leaves – All at Once

Have you watched an oak tree re-leaf in the springtime? It is the most spectacular event. In the space of just a few days, the entire tree buds and opens-expansion on all fronts, improbable, yet clearly capable.

So if you are feeling a bit like that right now, kind of million leaves all at once, lean into it, keep expanding, keep showing up, keep breathing, keep laughing. You are glorious.

Have a great spring, Oak Tree, Bex

Tahitian Squash Seeds to Good Homes

I have these seeds on offer, that I’ve been saving all winter long, from seeds that I saved the year before and they are special. When I was first gifted a wonderful, giant version of a butternut squash, we called it Luc’s Pumpkin. The kids loved it, and thankfully, the seed had pollinated true to type and last summer we got a magic, 40 pumpkin crop from that one pumpkin. As near as I can tell it’s a Tahitian Squash but could be a Canada Crookneck Squash or a Pennsylvania Dutch Crookneck-this is from scratching through images online. What I do know is that it is dense, beautiful, sweet and keeps very well. And there’s nothing like it that I can find in the NZ Seed catalogues.

I love saving and sharing seeds. And since seed saving and heritage seeds are by nature old-fashioned, I think an old-fashioned distribution is what we need. 

I have about 40 packets of Tahitian Squash, those self-addressed stamped envelopes received by November 15th will get one. Let’s get them in the ground this season!


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