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A love affair with plant oils

Hi Neighbor

One of the things I’m most grateful for as the founder of Goodbye is that I get to work with plant oils to formulate our products.  To start, me and plant oils have been friends for decades.

At the beginning it was all about the essential oils, and I couldn’t believe that if I started a “natural products business” I could actually buy any essential oil I wanted and then be able call it a business expense.

I kind of went crazy, and random. Black pepperOpoponax, vetiver, helichrysum, Palma rosa, petitgrain. It was a deep dive learning into the magic of the volatile plant oils. These literally became the salt, pepper, and spices that are used in a very small percentage in the formulations.

Many, many products came from that time. When I started in 1999, I made 25 different products: bath salts, honey scrubs, massage oils to name a few.

Over time that selection kept composting (see that word, composting) and by 2006 it was just Goodbye SANDFLY because I was a new Mum and that was the only product that people wanted by the dozen. I didn’t even mean to be the owner of a bug repellent company, it evolved that way.

I’ve kept making products for friends and family. In the last few years, I’ve been getting to know some of the fixed plant oils. These oils are not volatile like essential oils. Avocado, sweet almond, apricot, sunflower, olive are a few that show up in our products.

There are so many more strange and wonderful fixed oils, and I’ve had entire months just using one oil- pomegranate, tamanu, jojoba, red raspberry seed and meadowfoam. These are the nutrition, the real food of a natural product.

Each oil has a full book of properties and benefits, each one supreme in its unique gift to the world. If you are interested to learn more, I encourage to take the time to read a story about each one. Just pop the oil name into a search bar and follow your nose to discovery.

The love of oils has abided and recently I made up a new product called Grateful Face that I’ve kind of fallen in love with. It’s a face serum that protects and celebrates your skin and your spirit.

I’ve put it as a gift in our May special – the Grateful Face Bundle- pay for our two regular Goodbye OUCH products, and get Grateful Face.

Grateful Face BundleGrateful Face Bundle $32

Grateful Face is a supreme antioxidant oil that you can use every day, morning or evening. And yes, it’s blended to help your face and your spirit grateful.

It is a product that I made from our home recently, just great ingredients in a lovely glass dropper bottle. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to ever purchase this kind of product commercially because the ingredients are quite expensive.

I’ve bundled it with our other beautiful face products. You’d expect to pay $30 to $50 for a good face serum. At $32 for all 3 products, that’s pretty cool. Because none of the products have water in them, they go a very long way. Great value that will take care of you for winter, for sure.

I’ve got a limited number of bottles made up (60), so we’ll sell the bundle until Grateful Face runs out.

Please note: Grateful Face is not certified by NATRUE. We did not take it through the certificate process because it’s a custom made product, not part of our regular range. But just so you know, it has very simple natural ingredients from trusted suppliers.


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With respect, Helichrysum, Becky

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