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A letter to myself from 2021

Hi Neighbor

How did you go with your composting time these last couple of weeks?  We really did make a compost. Four tonnes of it over two days time- and the whole family was involved. I took lots of photos and I’ll put them together for you for the ultimate compost pile.

The image above is from some of the photos that you sent since my last post. Thank you for sharing them, so cool to see. You are always welcome to send through the best of you and yours in the outdoors.  It’s better outdoors.

It was full moon yesterday, and wow, the clear cool nights have made for absolutely stunning night skies.

I’ve been waking VERY early, not every night, but many. Yesterday was 2:30, and after meditation, yoga and a cup of tea, at 5:55, I started my day with you. A few days ago I wrote a letter to myself, from the me I’d like to become in 2021.  I often do this when I feel I need better insights. It is a way of connecting with a vital and peaceful version of me that’s already transited that time. I’m usually surprised and delighted by what unfolds from this practice.

This morning, as I was considering what I’d like to write to you, I decided that this was maybe an ok letter to send to you as well.  While it is very personal, it is not out of alignment with our stated business purpose which is:

We exist to connect people to themselves, each other and the planet. Our truth statement is: We are connect by nature.

And so I will share my letter.

Like you, I am considering my most loving response to myself, my family, community and a world that is going through something extraordinary. This letter is part of my own process, and I share it with you in the hopes that something in it is useful to you.

In More Neighborhood I’ve collected some interesting creatives around what this time can be for us, and how much wellness can be reclaimed as a result.

With respect, Kereru, Bex

ps. Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours- it’s gonna be an interesting day with all this baking efforts going on in the kitchen over the weekend 😉

A Letter to Myself from Early 2021


Give yourself some time. While Levels are defined in weeks, the pathway on the other side is not. Think in months if you can, years even better. Not because you are trying to live in the future, but because considering what you CAN be in this time will help you understand yourself better now. It also reminds you to show up in a sustainable way.


Be patient. There are a thousand ways to compensate for uncertainty. Some will eat, some will drink, some will worry, maybe lose sleep. Some will choose details as a priority to have a sense of being in control, as the bigger picture is just too big, too powerful.  Some will need someone or something to blame, big stuff, little stuff, spilling out in anger.  All of these will come and go in their own way for almost all people. The extent to which you amplify these compensations is the measure of how much you need reassurance. See them as signals.


Reassure yourself. Be generous at the most profound levels of loving, which is to love and accept yourself. From there you can tend others. Begin by forgiving yourself for the slightly unpredictable emotional life, food life, drink life.


Sorrow is inescapable when you allow yourself to feel. And you do want to feel, because that’s also your capacity for joy. So don’t numb yourself to the needs and process of other nations, people, neighbours, family, yourself. You can’t fix it all, but you can see it, and in the seeing with love, you hold the space for peace.


Tend where you can. The entire world has shifted all at once. There is great need and great opportunity. Show up where you feel the most drawn. Choose where you’d like to comfort and serve. Choose what you’d like to create in a world that is more vulnerable yet more receptive to new ways of expressing life.


Celebrate. You are part of a profound world shift. It is no mistake that you are here now. And in you resides a song of how the world can be. Sing that song.  We’ll all sing with you.

More Neighbourhood

I’ve been limiting the amount of news and social that I ingest each day, as invariably I’ll get zapped by something that winds me up. But I do keep running into beautiful initiatives and people creating for us. They are not to be taken as hard coded truth, but a way to be curious about this time and the way we show up to it. They might challenge you, inspire you, or make you laugh. If you recognise more love, wonder or hope, they fill their purpose.

Papatuanuku (our earth mother) is breathing


The Great RealisationThe Great Realisation

A Bedtime Story

Lee Harris Energy May Update

Lee Harris May 2020 Energy Update

Whakatū is the coolest little town around

New Zealand Business Support on Facebook


Lightning and Rainbow together

Idaho last week witnessed the truth reflected in the sky. Storm and Promise in the same moment- What a capture!

Next issue

Next week, I’m going to send another post called Grateful Face, based on a sublime face serum that I created in my kitchen recently.  I’ve made up some extra and I’m going to bundle it as a gift with purchase on our shop…. NEXT WEEK sorry, didn’t quite get the tech and the delivery sorted for this week.

I’m also going to share exactly what’s in it and show you how to make your own face serum. You’ve gained some new foodie tricks since lockdown, maybe it’s also a good time for some new natural product skills. Yes, fun!

Want to give a shoutout to something great happening in your neighbourhood? Send me an e-mail: and let me know what is awesome.

A note about links-

We link to sites, products, offers, art and devotions because they resonate as being of good value and heart. We do not get paid or commissioned on anything that we link.

Cheers, Becky

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