Goodbye Good Blog Celebration: Outdoors is Good A Hug for You and Green Toothpaste

A Hug for You and Green Toothpaste

A hug for you and Green Toothpaste

Must keep it simple, as the 10 days before Christmas are complex enough.

First, if you’re feeling hectic- I’ve got a hug for you and invite you to pass it along.

Second, Goodbye Ouch and Goodbye Sandfly are on special for your family and last minute gifts.

Third, in Check it Out, the mystery of coconut, tahini and chlorella from the last issue is revealed.

Peace to you sister and brother. Have a blessed week, Pohutakawa, Becky

A Hug for You

This is a one minute antidote to the tension to precedes Christmas, and for some Christmas itself. Give yourself this minutes as your gift to life. Then pass it along.

Check it Out

Several people asked us to put our Goodbye Ouch into the on-line shop in carton quantities for Christmas gifts. You can now get them at wholesale price through December in case you’d like some quick, easy, and super useful gifts (or you just want one for every corner of your universe).

Also, on special is our 150ml Goodbye Sandfly- the size that takes care of your family through the whole season. Regular price 32, now at 26.99.

Goodbye Ouch Wholesale and Goodbye Sandfly for Family

Check it Out Too


This one got kinda weird, but in a good way. Me and my teeth, and now me and my kids teeth, are in conversation. I haven’t bought a toothpaste for myself in years- and before you think, YUCK!, I have used mostly coconut oil based home made toothpaste. Sometimes adding baking soda.

Recently, I went to learn more about remineralization and the bugs that live in our mouth. This is the recipe I concocted, all alkaline, and funny enough, edible. People on Facebook guessed everything from Face Mask to Egg Laying support for my chooks.

Green toothpaste is not for the faint-hearted, but it does NOT turn your teeth, mouth or lips green. You’ll be blown away at how far it spreads when you spit it in the sink, though! It tastes absolutely beautiful, and makes my teeth feel really nice. Costs pennies. Healthy for my body. Let me know if you make it, modify it (of course you will) and what you think.

Green Remineralizing Toothpaste

1tsp organic coconut oil (unfriendly to strep mutants)

1 tsp tahini (for body friendly calcium)

1 tsp cracked cell chorella (green!) (for vit D needed for calcium)

1 tsp powdered calicified seaweed (must be very fine or will be too abrasive- for mineralization)

Here’s a link I just ran into, challenging the myths and culture of modern oral hygeine. You know I love that stuff. Ask questions. Wonder.

From You

Hi Becky,
I am enjoying your latest communications as always.Thank you.
You asked for any recipes/cures we wish to share. Here’s one that my
grandmother taught me and is to clear mucus when one has a heavy cold.
Works for chest and sinuses.
Grate half a medium sized green onion and mix with about 1 tblsp of
warmed raw honey getting as much juice as possible. Mix well and let
stand a few moments when it will have become quite runny and the
‘bite’ of the onion will have eased.
Put a small amount near the middle to back of the tongue and hold it
there while breathing through the mouth slowly with the lips almost
closed. Very soon you will find that you are coughing productively.
To help with nasal clearing, put a little onion mixture on the tongue
as before then close the mouth and slowly breathe out if that is
possible. If blockage is too great, try inhaling a little of the
mixture’s fumes directly from the bottle or jar.
Store on the counter and use three or four times a day. Will keep for
about three days at room temperature or a week in the frig.
Apparently the sulphur in the onion acts as an anti bacterial as well
as clearing the mucous membranes.
It tastes much better than you might expect!

Best wishes,


“The most difficult thing that you will do is accept the Grace, accept the Goodness, accept the ease with which your life can change.” Dr. Sue Morter

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