Goodbye Good Blog Generosity: Resources 3 steps to Achieve Anything (including quitting Sugar)

3 steps to Achieve Anything (including quitting Sugar)

3 Steps to Achieve Anything

(including quitting Sugar)

Barry hit a trigger with the sugar stuff. And as funny as Barry is, you might not be laughing. The most common response I got over the last few days is why you CAN’T quit on sugar. It’s tied to the way you drink your coffee, the way you get through the afternoon slump, and the way you celebrate getting your kids to bed (yes, there are more of you just like me).

I get it. Really, I so get it, it hurts. Sugar is tied to ritual, energy, comfort, and even love.

And if NOW is not the right time to take that step. I respect that. Completely. It’s not the right time.

If you are interested, but still not sure, or it feels too HARD, I’ve created a short video on how you can achieve ANYTHING (including getting off of sugar).

With love, Sweet Pineapple, Becky

Even if you are munching on a Twinky as you read this, I am smiling. Stick around Sugar Girl, we’ll switch topics soon, I promise!

How to Achieve Anything (including Breaking Up with Sugar)

Becky Cashman

I sing when I feel bad, and then I feel better. When I sing, the universe sings back. I believe that love is the ultimate energy of the universe. I also have a right brain life that keeps a house, looks after 2 cheeky kids, runs an organic property, manages a biz (or two or three), and checks things off of lists. My desire is to reflect love clearly, and speak in a language that can be heard.


From You

I gave up sugar many years ago and believe I have always felt better in every way, hardly have a headache now.  I do have a square of chocolate maybe once a month but usually a dark chocolate. We always have a plain yoghurt which is versatile in so many ways either with fruit as a treat or as a dressing for salads. I have never seen the coconut sugar or heard of it until reading the your informative newsletter. Beryl


Do the difficult things while they are easy and do the great things while they are small. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. ~Lao Tzu

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